Certificate for serving and selling of alcohol

When the new Alcohol Act enters into force on March 1, 2018, employees engaged in the sale or serving of alcoholic beverages must have completed a course of responsible sales or responsible serving before commencing their work.

Dedicate one hour to the course.

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Do you have any other questions?

 Call (+299) 53 12 95  or write to  info@certifikat.gl

The phone is open every weekday from 8-22

Which course should I take?

The course in Responsible Sale is for everyone who works in a store that sells alcohol. Such as:

  • Brugseni
  • Pisiffik
  • Pilersuisoq
  • The air port

The course in Responsible Serving is for everyone who works in a place that serves alcohol. Such as:

  • A tavern
  • A café that serves alcohol
  • A restaurant that serves alcohol
  • A one-time event where alcohol is being served, such as a concert, a club event, a charity event etc.


How does it work?

The course itself takes place on the website nanoq.eurekos.com, and you will receive your login to the course by email within 24 hours after submitting your information. After you log into nanoq.eurekos.com, you can take the course in responsible sales or the course in responsible serving. The courses will appear on the front page as soon as you are logged in.

If you have added more people above, these people will also receive their login on the email address specified next to their name.

How do I get my certificate?

After passing the course, the certificate will be sent to your email.

Who should I give a copy of my certificate?

You must hand over a copy of your certificate to your employer. Upon inspection, the place of sale or serving of alcohol must be able to document that the employees have passed the course(s) in Responsible Sales or Responsible Serving.

Should the certificate be renewed?

The certificate is taken once and does not need to be renewed unless requested otherwise.